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Welcome to Sophie Mills Dog Training

Sophie Mills MBIPDT, offers training based in Lower Kingswood, near Reigate/Redhill, Surrey.

On the Shoot

Nell and Olive on the Shoot

Are you looking for that special dog trainer who can help you in bringing on the perfect canine companion? A dog trainer who will show you how to build a relationship that others will admire and will last a lifetime? If so, we can help you with that goal.

Do you have behaviour issues that make you not like your dog even though you love him?

Sophie Mills Dog Training offers classes and 1-1’s in pet obedience and gundog training in a relaxed and friendly environment that both you and your dog will enjoy.

Filed Trial Training Day

Sophie and Nell – Field Trial Training Day

Whether you have a puppy, rescue dog or just want to fine tune your training we have training that will meet your needs.

Should you wish to increase the pleasures you have with your dog through further work, Sophie Mills Dog Training can also introduce you to competitive obedience, working trials and gundog work.

Interclub SEGS

Interclub SEGS Team 2013, courtesy of Brian Chesser.

Fair and effective methods are used at Sophie Mills Dog Training, training with an open mind, working with what suits each individual dog and handler combination.

You and your dog are unique with your own individual needs and desires. Sophie Mills Dog Training aims to provide a training programme that is realistic to each handler and dog’s situation and everyday life. We will work with you to develop and strengthen the bond and understanding between your dog and yourself to give you a well-mannered companion that you are proud to own.

Training is outside on private property with easy access to the North Downs.