Sophie Mills Testimonials

Sophie Mills Testimonials

Please read below the testimonials kindly supplied by people I have worked with…

I’d like to express my HUGE thanks for your guidance and support over the past 6 months. You are knowledgable, skilled, patient and a very nice person to spend time with! I have found it invaluable but also very enjoyable. I especially loved watching you working with Leo, what a gift you have!

Leo has really turned a corner over the past two weeks and is now very responsive on recall and quit running as far as away as his little legs will carry him! He is really a joy. Thank you.

I will highly recommend you to any future ‘puppy owner friends’ and wish you every success with your business.
Christina Oyebode

Jo SaundersTwo years ago, we collected our Goldendoodle puppy, Poppy. With four young children, it felt very important that Poppy was well trained from the beginning and that we invested properly in her. Having lost our last dog to ill-health at only 18 months old, our children were grieving, and the stakes were high. Not once did Sophie tell me that I was mad to add a puppy into our busy family life. She didn’t question my ability to care for Poppy and meet her needs. She listened without judgement, encouraged, made informed suggestions and patiently supported me. Sophie visited our home, witnessed my lifestyle and cleverly adapted training to suit our individual needs, and Poppy’s personality. We met regularly; Sophie was flexible, happy for me to bring my toddler and always tried to accommodate my hectic diary. I have found her notes and meticulous observations invaluable, Sophie’s feedback at the end of each session very thorough and hugely beneficial. She literally ‘walked me through’ even the most simplest of everyday routines so that I could embrace, and enjoy, having a puppy.

Sophie asked me what my needs were and helped me understand how to be firm and consistent, using positive strategies and my ‘voice’. She helped me to connect with Poppy, to build a great working relationship and helped me believe that what you put in, you get out. Training a dog isn’t easy. It requires perseverance and time, effort. Sophie guided me, taught me how to establish the important basics, and has made everything fun and purposeful. Sophie was recommended to me by a different trainer and I have loved meeting with her on a 1:1. For me, I can’t afford to waste time, and every minute has been well worth it. Sophie was my saviour and I couldn’t have managed without her. Poppy is a pleasure and brilliant in every sense. She is a calm, affectionate and obedient dog who has a clever brain and enjoys the challenges that Sophie gives us. Two years ago, meeting with Sophie was essential. Now, I choose to go. Rain or shine, I love the time we spend together and it’s like getting together with a friend.
Joanna Saunders

Michael DealyI have had the opportunity to work with and watch Sophie for many years. In my opinion, she has that special touch necessary in a first class trainer . She not only has the knowledge, skill and expertise; she has the necessary unique ‘feel’ for a dog that gives her an ability to create  the relationship that will bring out the best in him or her. This skill with a dog is also mirrored in her ability to help and teach owners to train and bring on the dog they seek and can be proud of.
Martin Deeley – Author of 3 Gundog Training books,founder of the International Association of Canine Professionals, dog trainer (and gundog trainer) and International Gundog Commentator


Tstml Jenny SparksHaving tried other trainers I was relieved to find Sophie who has a real insight and explanation of a dog’s behaviour. Also, more importantly she has an excellent understanding of that all important dog/owner relationship and where it may be going wrong, always with a view to appropriate suggestions and solutions. I now have a true three year old canine friend as opposed to my old often time puppy “enemy”!
Jenny Sparks


Sophie is a professional and friendly trainer who is always willing to think  ‘outside the box’ to help clients.
Craig Stockman Ex RAF Police Dog Handler

I have known Sophie for the past four years since I started taking my young dog to her, both for group lessons in obedience and gun dog training, and then one to one gun dog training lessons. Sophie is able to impart her considerable knowledge of how to train dogs with much encouragement and patience. She likes to work to a high standard using positive training methods and is able to demonstrate with her own dogs, achieving very good results. The lessons are very enjoyable for both dogs and handlers. Sophie herself has competed with her dogs to a very high standard and is thus able to be an inspirational teacher. She thinks about various problems that dogs (and handlers) may present and works out various strategies to solve any behavioural issues, writing notes and preparing the lessons beforehand. I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough to anyone who would like the pleasure of having either a well behaved pet or a highly trained gun dog.
Sue Hedge

I have known Sophie as a client for some time and I believe her to be trustworthy and dependable both in terms of practical application to managerial duties and in terms of dedication and commitment to her animals. I have entrusted to her care the postoperative management of an involved clinical case and have found her receptive to guidance, committed to detail and assiduous in application. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a caring minder for any suitable dog(s).
Noel Fitzpatrick MVB Cert SAO Cert VR MRCVS

Tstml Ray ShawThere are lots of ‘dog trainers’ so what’s different about Sophie? First, she lifts your horizon about what’s possible between you and your dog. I remember quite often thinking: “He’ll never do this.” and he/we did! And the buzz that gives you. You get to be proud of your dog. She plans lessons well, breaks things down to suit the experience of the dog and the handler, she leaves you and the dog with a moment of success and what’s more she makes it all so much fun. She is serious but it’s delivered with a light touch. I’d recommend Sophie for either or both 1 to 1’s or group training. She knows her stuff. I suspect the greatest learning is that of the handler. Give her (and your dog) a try, I think you’ll be surprised if not delighted.
Ray Shaw

I have known Sophie for several years. Initially she trained me and my dog at a training club. As I am unable to walk well following various accidents, she trains me and my dog on a ‘one – to – one basis’ at home. I have found Sophie to be very professional and helpful in her dealings with me and my dog. Poppy is getting on well under Sophie’s rigorous approach to the tasks in hand. She helps me to take a full part in each class despite my lack of mobility. I should not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to train their dog.
Anne Newton

Sophie trains dogs in a quiet, positive manner, resulting in well behaved dogs and owners who understand her methods whatever their level of dog education. Sophie trains in a friendly, fun way, reflecting her own character.
Elizabeth Lemon

Tstml June RichardsSophie has been our only puppy trainer for our Labradoodle, Winnie, and she showed us how to bring her from an excitable mischievous puppy to a responsive affectionate well trained 1 year old.  She explained very clearly the reasoning behind her approach and with her guidance we worked with Winnie between sessions.  We now have a happy companionable dog that we are proud to take anywhere and lots of people remark on how delightful she is.  We would strongly recommend anyone needing help with a dog of any age to contact her. We’ve already recommended Sophie to friends who are now benefiting from her advice.
June Richards

Emma Halsey 2I met Sophie Mills in the summer of 2017. We were both on a dog workshop.  I was there simply as a spectator soaking up the information! Sophie was there as a Gun Dog expert. (Shipton Events …. really recommend their courses!!)
During the workshop Sophie demonstrated a faultless, difficult retrieve. It was impressive BUT what was also fantastic was the bond sophie had with her dog.
I started my training lessons with Sophie in September 2017. My two labradors (aged 4 and 2 years old) arrived in a whirl of excitement ….literally!!! The dogs could not heel, the recall was non existent and they were unable to retrieve anything!! Sophie had her work cut out!!
Sophie’s lessons are very encouraging, full of useful tips and soooo much fun. My dogs and I love them. I have been having a 90 minute lesson roughly once a month for the last 6 months.
Six months on I am thrilled to say I have two gorgeous black labradors who I am so proud of.  We CAN heel, we CAN retrieve dummies and our recall is probably 80%. I could not be happier.
Sophie has taught me how to train my dogs using my voice, my whistle and encouraging body language. Just brilliant!!!
I cannot recommend Sophie as a dog trainer enough.
Emma Halsey